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May 30, 2009

♥ my new family~

dear readers(if der r any..).. i began dis 3rd sem of mine in uia.. with da existance of my new family.. wen i 1st meet dem.. i felt scared, akward, yet excited.. wut fear me da most about dem is dat.. im afraid dat i might not b able 2 blend in wit dem... i mean.. dey r already 1 big family... n im new 2 dem... but den.. day after day.. i finally realize dat.. dey have become part of my life now.. so der fo.. in dis post.. i officially introduced u guys 2 ma new family.. my iium bowling family~

introducing da father of the family.. abg zz.. abg zz is 1 of da national bowler.. all da way from sabah.. abg zz who is currently da team coach is so dedicated n serius wen it comes 2 bowling.. since m da new baby in da family(eceeaahh.. prasan la plak.. ngee).. im quite scared facin abg zz.. he's serius face always makes me tink 3x b4 missin an ez spare(seriusly!).. he's deep voice lak.. mmg cam bapak mithali laah.. but den.. da bapak always understand his children.. abg zz can b strict on da lane.. but he can b s crazee s we r off da lane.. he cares bout us n always make sure dat we get da best (bapak la katakan..).. tanx abg zz!.. n sorry agn fo dat day.. huhuhu...

dis is da MOM.. our mom.. kak farah is a lawyer gonnab.. da 1st tyme i saw her.. i was shiverin(ok.. hyperbola cket..).. i mean.. her eyes.. if u look straight to her eyes.. even da cricket team will bow down n take a bath usin a super smell eliminator soap.. but den.. it was juz wut i tot.. wen u got 2 noe her.. she is avery nice person, slumber n she always noe wut she wan n wut she wanna do.. isnt she a great mom?(ecece.. hehehe..) she has always been da mom fo da team n da big sis fo us da gurls.. n she always look great in pictures!(eventhou we juz had an 8 hour spa treatment 4rm da cricket team..)

dis is abg zaim.. captain/abg long.. abg zaim is an ict student.. among all of us.. abg zaim joined da team way earlier.. he is da best captain we can ever hope fo.. he is always dedicated in doin he's job as da captain of da team.. always takin a good care of his siblings(i mean.. us..) n bravely stand out fo us in front of mr.kefli da-perkampungan sukan-lover to make sure dat we can stay in alor star instead of uum durin masum.. he always try his best 2 make sure dat we won b left behind o bein look down by others.. he is such a nice abg long.. sorry eh abg long.. sbb adik2 nie slalu buli abg long..

nex in da line is abg charlie.. he's tall.. he's crazee.. n he's da HOT stuff durin masum(2 certain ppl eh.. o shud i say a couple of ppl?.. ngee..).. abg charlie is borned wit da famous gene.. he is very well-known among da BENL.. n he neva lose his spotlight even wen he's in da alley... howeva u can always count on him in serius matters... hangin out wit him is da best thing u can do after a not-so-good-ave game.. he's weakness?.. da seducing nickname of CBH.. LOL

dis is da eldest sister.. kak amim.. a BENL student who always noe her rights 2 enter da mahallah late at nite although da pak guard is messin wit her.. ngeh3.. she has been very friendly 2 me since da beginnin of our meeting.. i can always talk 2 her about everythin.. bowling.. studies.. pregnancy(opss..hehe...) she's a pink lover.. kak amim has been so helpful 2 me.. all da msgs.. da reminders... da permission to let me keep my bag in her room.. n so much more.. kak amim.. u hav been so nice 2 me n i tank u sooo much! (ttbe emo lak..)

febrina is da name.. fabulous is her game(ngee).. dis is kak feb!.. kak feb is a BENL student who is very pretty n crazee.. she is very friendly n nice.. n loves her boy so much.. ngee.. although she is my big sis.. but she is much more smaller den me in size.. she loves shopping n she treasures her halkum very much.. hehehe... kak feb is da hepy-go-lucky type of gurl.. yet on da lane.. she will b very focus n always try her best not 2 back up her hand anymore.. =P

shafiq is my twin brother of da same age n batch.. dis guy always go crazee all da tyme xcept wen he's in da game.. he can stand bhind u all day long.. cheerin n supportin u no matter how tired he is.. he can give u moral support wen u r down n help u weneva u need it.. he loves makin jokes but u gotta listen carefully 2 it.. coz ders alwys a hidden "msg" inside dos jokes.. although dey r stereo n cream-o.. but shafiq only loves oreo.. miahaha...

dis is abg shahdan.. juz lyke me.. he is new in da family.. so in dat case.. ill consider him as da long lost big brother.. abg shahdan is currently takin his phd here in uia.. he always help us the gurls 2 carry our bag up into da bus.. he was our manager durin masum recently.. hanging out wit abg shahdan is da best way 2 4get all ur problems.. he crack jokes all da tyme! n he is super duper cute!(perangai..).. he always noe how 2 make us smile n laugh everytyme we r in a cold situation.. abg shahdan(if u r readin dis).. i tank u sooo much fo all of ur support dat u gave 2 me n da team.. n we r really2 glad dat u were able 2 b wit us durin masum.. =)

a week trainin wit dem.. n 9 days spendin wit dem in kedah.. has made my 3rd sem a memorable 1.. we had sooo much fun 2gether.. n it has been a week since i last hug, eat, cheer n smile wit dem.. i miss dem soooo much... abg zz, abg zaim, abg charlie, abg shahdan, kak farah, kak feb, kak amim n shafiq.. im sooo glad dat i noe u guys.. n i really2 enjoy every moment dat we spend 2gether in kedah.. really hope 2 c u guys soon.. hugs n kisses...
wit our grandpa/oic.. abg hafiz..waitin fo da bus aka chamwhorin tyme.. endin up meetin wit da our friendly cricket team...
after d n of team event.. it was da best day wer we really enjoy da game no matter how bad our score was...n we love dat shirt sooo much!!!
yeahh.. its proven.. we r 1 big happy n crazee family... n vain too.. =P
i took dis pic!!! wit abg zz's 50d! cool huh?.. ngeee..
us bein vain s usual... but den.. i really2 love dis pic!

ps-actually my new family still have few other members that i haven't listed yet.. its because some of dem ive only meet once o twice.. so i dun really noe dem well yet.. so.. watch out.. der might b a 2nd episode of my xtended family... =)

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  • ahh... a wonderful blog.. hehe thanks for the compliment and well decribed bowling mates or shouuld i say family now?..hehe.. ape yang penting??? KerJesame...ahahah


    By Anonymous shafiq, at June 3, 2009 at 10:40 AM  

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    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^