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April 10, 2009

♥ simple~

k.. in dis post.. i juz wanna share wit u guys.. how simple can actually be more.. more meaningful.. more acceptable.. more understanding.. more relaxing.. dis two examples are among da best examples dat i can give...

dis is one of da latest song from plain white t's.. 1234... dis song is very simple.. da arrangement n da lyrics.. its simple n meaningful.. da melody is like a country-iesh + campfire song style (fo me laa..).. n da lyric is straight foward.. not 2 "jiwang", poetry like n yet it is super shweeet.. dis is da kind of song dat u can sing 2 ur gf without makin her flippin da dictionary juz 2 understand dat wut u wer tryin to tell her is dat u love her.. ngee... (m currently addicted 2 dis song.. aahhhh.. =P)

k.. if u watch american idol 2009.. u'll noe dis guy.. his name is adam lambert.. n he is one of da best!!.. dis is his latest performance.. n he sings mad world.. his performance was simple.. no dancing.. no funky arrangement.. no sexy clothing o seducing pose.. he juz sit der, wit da dim lights n he blows evry1 with his singing.. fo me.. dis song is da gothic/emo-ish kinda song.. n wut amaze me so much is dat der r NO thick eyeliner.. NO eerie black clothings.. o torn black umbrella.. o corpse look a like make up by adam lambert.. he was juz bein all simple yet he din lose da gothic feel in da atmo wen he delivers dis song.. i salute him!.. seriusly.. (n he got a sweet smile.. *drool... =P)

thus.. wut m tryin 2 say is.. sumtymes.. simple is more.. its better.. n der4.. y r we tryin so hard 2 make ourselves b extravaganza???.. cant we juz b all simple?.. hurmm...

ps-all da comments above r juz my opinion.. if u guys dun agree wit wut i said.. its up 2 u guys.. diff people sees things diffly.. =)

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  • azie!!!
    i agree with the adam lambert dude!!
    sdap gile kot!!
    aku da boh lagu tu kat ipod aku n da bape byk kali ulang aku pown xtau.. ;p
    anyway, you should listen to the original song...
    u'll be surprised..
    it was sung by tears for fears.. =]

    By Blogger nabebe, at April 15, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

  • bella..
    kan3?.. hehe.. az still searching fo mp3 nyer version.. xdpt2 lg.. ill try 2 listen 2 da ory song erk.. tanx fo da info.. =)

    By Blogger azie, at April 15, 2009 at 5:22 PM  

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