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January 3, 2009

♥ 1430 and 2009~

Happy New Year to all ma readers.. a year has passed.. a new year is ahead.. forget bout reversing da tyme.. start stepping ur feet towards da future.. Maal Hijrah.. da name itself is a reminder fo us.. to keep on hijrah.. hijrah fo da best.. fo da best dat we can b in our future.. not just for the world.. but fo da here after too.. wut is ma aim fo da dis new year??.. hurmm.. onestly.. i dun hav any.. coz we can plan all we wan.. but not evrything dat we planned is going to turn out to be true.. thus.. m just goin wit da flow.. but i do intend to score ma new sem.. although i hav 21.5 credit hour(yessss... 21.5.. o_0').. wanna do ma best to get da dean list.. hurmm.. new sem has already started.. 2 weeks d.. but da mood of doing projects is still missing.. if any1 found it.. pls contact me.. ask it 2 come back to me.. sigh.. without da mood.. i dun hav da passion to do ma work.. fo xmple.. m suppose to do ma essay on photomedia rite now.. but instead m writin ma blog.. aiseyhh.. wut 2 do.. uncle google and aunty wiki is not helpin me wit da definition of photomedia.. n 2morrow morning i need 2 submit it.. yes i noe... 2 morrow is saturday.. yeah.. i got class on saturday.. sigh.. ma 1st project fo studio is kiosk(again!..).. da last tyme nyer kiosk was a nightmare.. n now i hav 2 face it 1 more tyme.. aiyakk.. but den.. m tryin ma best 2 turn dat nightmare into a sweet reality.. try 2 learn from da past.. yeahh.. so guess.. dis week is da beginning of ma life as a batgurl.. or an owl lady.. choose one.. panda eyes.. forgeting 2 hav ma meal.. guess.. i hav 2 go thru all dat again.. now m staying in a diff rum from last sem... i hav 2 move 2 a compartment rum in asma.. up 1 level but still da same block.. ma rum8s r ma seniors.. 3rd yr archi, aad and landscape.. i dun really like dis rum.. its not bcoz of d ppl.. but its da surrounding.. its 2 quite n too private.. last tyme we share evrything.. from food to ideas.. we do evrything 2gether.. from sleeping 2 staying up... but now.. although all 4 of us r in da rum.. but it was so quiet.. no more ein's phone ringing, nisa's singing, fiza's crunching, mar's sulking, kak d's babbling n kak gg's arguing... waaaa.. i miss dos tyme soooo much.. i miss kc 229 soooooo much.. n i miss asma c2.10 too.. sigh.. but den.. life has 2 go on.. u cant rely on ppl all da tyme.. futhermore, ppl n surrounding always change and neva stay da same.. we juz need 2 face it.. so ere i m.. in ma compartment.. writin down dia piece of crap.. n endin up wit confusin maself wut dis entry should actually b.. but den.. since evrythin is already written.. wut else can i do?.. publishin it of coz.. n guess u hav reach da end of ma crap post.. tanx fo readin.. =)
ps- hijrah is an arabic n malay word that stand for emmigration.. it was taken from the incident wen prophet Muhammad SAW migrates from Mekah to Madinah...

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    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^