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June 9, 2009

♥ m i a spoiled brat?~


lately.. ive been thinkin quite a lot.. bout lots of things.. some are important.. yet some r rubbish.. sum r juz messin wit my head.. yet sumhow.. i juz cant stop thinking bout dem.. one of it was.. either im a spoiled brat o not?.. well.. recently.. ive realize that.. sumtymes i feel like ive been spoiled by few people.. ma parents mayb.. ma fwens mayb.. maself mayb.. it keeps bugging me fo a few days.. coz seriusly.. i dun wanna b a spoiled brat.. coz i noe.. a spoiled brat usually selfish, annoying, evil, backstabbing, n always end up miserable in da end of their life.. thus.. i start making some bounderies to myself.. tryin not to spoiled myself.. o tryin not 2 make any1 spoiled me.. den i wonders.. r dey any quiz dat i can take n tell me either im a spoiled bratz o not.. n i start google-ing.. n i found this quiz..

Fun Quizzes - Myspace Quizzes - Quizzes

guess wut da result was??.. im NOT a spoiled brat!.. weee... cheers fo me.. sumhow.. dis simple n unaccurate quiz, makes me feel better bout myself?.. sound stupid?.. well.. dats da truth..

"sumtymes wen we think too much.. we are making ourselves to look more vulnerable by each and every thoughts.. so stop thinking too much.. coz u might end up losing ur mind.."

ps-y m i posting dis?.. i got no idea.. sigh.. btw.. any1 who do tink dat im a spoiled brat.. pls do raise ur voice n tell me.. it cud b very helpful fo me..
pss-curiousity strikes u?.. try out da quiz..

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4:47 PM


    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^