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February 7, 2009

♥ My Baby~

well.. in this post.. i would like to introduce to the world.. my BABY.. so ere it gos..

dis is my latest baby.. the youngest among his siblings.. my new ph NOKIA N85.. i bought dis phone last month.. i neva thought dat i'll eva gonna hav it.. i was juz dreamin bout it most of da tyme.. wen ma last ph broke down.. abah offer me to buy a new 1.. i told him dat i like dis ph.. neva tot dat he'll agree.. but out of sudden.. mama n abah din say anythin and just agree with me.. i was like.. "wt??? dey gotta b kiddin me.." but dey weren't.. so der u go.. me n ma baby r unite.. yeayy.. tanx 2 abah n mama.. n angah too fo not being jelous with me fo getting a new ph.. muahahaha...

next would be my mr cammy.. SONY CYBERSHOT DSC-T2... got him when i was still in cenfos.. it was our 1st eva trip and all of us were so excited n my current camera broke down.. same thing happen.. ive been dreaming to hav this cam fo months but knowing my parents, i noe that dey wont agree of me having this cam.. it was during da last min b4 i wanna go back 2 uia.. wen abah suddenly ask me"u want a cam rite? jom g sen heng".. i was like yeayyy!.. den i showed him dis cam.. n again.. mama n abah agree wit me.. i was like.. woahhhh... weeee... n dats how i got ma mr cammy.. mr cammy has been through a lot of things wit me.. my happiest moment, crazee moment, sad moment n so much more.. he will always b der 2 make sure dat i won't 4get my memories..

nex in the line is my mr lappy.. COMPAQ PRESARIO B1200.. got dis lappy wen i 1st entered gombak.. he has help me ALOT wit my works.. he always bring me troubles.. n i really mean ALWAYS.. but den.. without him ill b da one in deep trouble.. i always cry in front of him.. basiclly he is my diary.. wut i feel, how im doin is basiclly kept by him.. he always noe how to make me smile n laugh yet at the same time he can make me say da f word non stop..

k.. dis is mr lappy's babies.. which would be my grandchildren rite?.. above is my 80G external hardisk.. n da bottom part is my CELCOM broadband.. my external has been wit me even b4 i got mr lappy.. so many things r in it.. soooo manyyyy.. its already full now due to to many secrets hidden in it.. basiclly my external is like my secret+memory box.. me n lil broadband unite during the midsem of last sem.. its actually my dad's.. i borrowed it from him fo a month.. m suppose 2 giv back during hari raya.. but endin up wit me till end of the sem.. making ma dad 2 buy a new broadband fo himself and give this broadband to me as my birthday prezie.. yeayyyy... so now.. i rarely go to cc n i dun hav 2 grumble about uia's wifi connection.. tanx abahhh..
k.. from left to right.. MR THINKY, PWINKY PWINCESS n my dear MR FROGGY ... i got mr thinky from my sayangs (kimi, afan, hafiz, afan, khatib, wewe) s my brthday prezie last year.. it is just sooo adorable, fluffy n thoughtful-look-a-like.. he usually accompany me at nite while im doing my projects... i got pwinky pwincess from my sayang mardybum fo my brthday prezie last year.. it is so squeezable n pink.. i like her smell 2 (she smell like a bowling alley proshop.. i likeee...) i like to play wit her weneva im bored.. lastly, mr froggy.. we've been 2gether fo like 4 years.. i got mr froggy fo my birthday prezie from mak ngah wen i was in form 4.. i love him sooo muchhh... he is diff den others.. coz he's da only frog dat has squint eyes.. he'll be da one to accompany me sleeping every night.. he'll be da one to chill me up wen eva im scared at night.. he'll b da one i hug weneva im crying.. n he'll be da one to put me to bed evry night.. hugging him while im sleeping is a must.. he has been with me so long dat between all of dem, he noes me da best.. basiclly he is da abang long..
well.. dats all fo dis post.. ive introduce u 2 all of my baby.. n y i love dem so much.. dey always stand by me weneva i need dem.. n da best thing is.. dey will neva eva hurt my feeling... till den.. bubbye~ =)

ps- u might b wonderin y i call dem 'he' most of the tyme.. well.. dey r my baby n i love my baby.. since im a babe.. so i gotta love a male rnt i?.. if not.. i wud be a lesbo rnt i??.. which im not.. thus.. my baby are all male(xcluding pwinky pwincess.. she got her own reason).. =)

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    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^