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November 20, 2008

♥ dun judge a buk by its cover~


Hurmm.. slalu kan kta dgr ayat neh?.. n most of us agree wit dis statement rnt we?.. but in reality.. how many percent of us actually implement this statement in our life?.. sure.. we do.. but only after we read da book n den we found out dat da book aint lyke da cover den only we admit da statement.. rnt we?.. fo xmple..

ble kta tgk a gurl wearin tudung labuh wit an ayu face.. dlm ati mesti tdetik yg…
“ayu nye pompuan nie. Msti dr family yg baek2.”

Or if a guy yg berkepiah g klas n dtg dr sek agama n he agk pendiam gak.. most of da gurl will go..
“tgk dat guy, dah la alim, sek.agama, jrg ckp ngan pompuan lak 2.. sjuk nye mata tgk dia.. klaw jd husband msti husband yg mithali kan?”

Rnt des thoughts and actions r da proof dat we r actually judging da book by its cover.. we noe dat we aint suppose to do dat.. but we cant help ourself from doin it.. how sure r we dat a guy/gurl dat has an innocent look on dier face is trully innocent?.. hurmm.. onestly speaking(or in dis case it will be writin..) I admit dat I m one of da kind dat judge a book by its cover.. try 2 avoid it so many tymes but I juz cant help it.. I duno y.. mayb.. its juz human’s nature.. to love sumthin by its physical.. but den.. in d end.. we will soon realize dat wut we r lookin at is juz a mask.. thus.. stop judging a book by its cover keyh.. coz u might not realize dat in da n of all dis.. not only u will feel da pain n suffer.. but da "book" dat u judge will also got hit by evrythin dat hppnd.. n sumtymes wut dey feel is 10x worst den wut u felt..ohh n btw.. post nie dtulis bkn utk dtjukan kpd sape2 erk.. jkalaw ada yg trasa..smada yg tlah idop atau pown yg maseh mati.. ampon n maaf dpinta keyh..

Ps- Physical beauty is like a bottle of coke, it turn stale in tyme..
The mind and heart is like a bottle of wind, the longer its kept, the better it becomes..



  • ehem2...
    cm de mksd tersirat jer?
    de specifickn pade sape2 ker?

    my view is...
    kalo org y judge buk by its cover tu sll nyer by 1st impression.

    org tu alim or pendiam,
    n we all go..
    'wahh~ mesti baikkn org nih..'
    tu namenyer 2st impression org2 kt org tuh

    tp..bile lame2 knl..mgkn 1st impression kite lain ngn impression kite skang..
    'alaaa...aku ingt alim, tp lain la plk y aku tgk..'

    time tu la kite dh read the content of the book

    cover of the book penting
    n its content lg la penting!!

    terplg pade individu u create buku sendiri u dibace org lain :)

    By Blogger Mardhiah, at November 21, 2008 at 1:53 AM  

  • huiyooo.... btol2 tu azie... kayan sokong pnoh ape mende je azie ckp! yeah! idup azie!! hahaha

    By Blogger kayant, at November 21, 2008 at 8:57 AM  

  • to mardybum hunie,
    yup.. i do agree yg psl 1st impresion..owg slalu ckp yg 1st impression is very important.. n dats y ppl start judging a buk by dier cover..n btw.. ku x spesifix kan ke sape2 pown.. tetiba tlintas nak tlis psl nie.. =)
    to kayan.
    maceh2(smbl bwat mke bangga)..so klaw az ckp nak kawen pown kayan sokong arr?..hehehe...

    By Blogger azie, at November 21, 2008 at 1:01 PM  

  • salam...

    book and people ar diff thing...tapi...both have d same requirements..kalau nak org bc content buku tu best..cover dia kene best utk tarik perhatian org nk bc kan! and..org pun same...1st impression bout ppl sumtyms turn into 2nd impression..but sumtyms 1st impression still last even for a long tym....

    as a muslim..we must give a gud impression of ppl...bersangka baik kan bagus..but beware and alert of ppl nowadays...mmg byk pakai topeng...

    and..akak rs la kan...dun judge a book by its cover tu mcm da tabley pakai da..skg ni depends je kat diri msing2 cane kita nk bwk diri..and cane nak get along dgn ppl..yg pnting, follow agama..itu je..kdg2 org tu smemeh je..tp ati baik...

    so..d moral is...apepun...kenal dulu content dia..baru kite bley judge...tp manusia mmg fitrah dia akan wat sum raw assumption bout d ppl they met 4 d 1st tym...normal dh tu..tul x?

    yg pnting, kite pun kene jg diri so dat ppl will make a gud 1st impression bout us...and it will lead us to hv a gud personality...

    it's gud to bring up dis topic..wat kita berpk dan org2 yg membaca pun buley berpk..

    nice blog though..hee! jadi la follower blog akak ek! be d first 10..ramai2kan! hahaha!


    By Blogger adledash, at November 21, 2008 at 5:57 PM  

  • to k.arina..
    yup2 az stuju ngan kata2 akak 2...follower?..k2.. i will.. hehe..

    By Blogger azie, at November 22, 2008 at 12:41 AM  

  • susah la nak bace..boleh type dan eja btol2 tak?

    By Blogger AkuKopiKauSiapa?, at November 22, 2008 at 2:43 AM  

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