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February 20, 2010

♥ introducing!!!!


ehem3.. as some ppl might know..i always use the nickname of...

HorNee aNgeL..

(*ur expression.. sigh.. yesss... i noeeee..) but everytyme wen ppl read my name.. dey go..
"gle ger***g nm ko"
"grrrr... r u?.." -----> errr.. scary.. T_T

and so on.. k.. juz to make things clear.. hornee angel means a notty gurl wit innocent look.. dats all.. full stop.. nothin else... got dat?!.. so dont u ever try to define it something else keyh?!.. haisyh...

i got dis nickname since i was in highskul.. n i really love it!! fo me.. it kinda represent me A LOT... (stop thinkin dirty.. read the meaning of that name agn!.. got it?.. good!).. so i always use this name for almost everything..


since im in uia.. wer evrything is so islamic n all.. so its kinda wrong fo me to exposed or even commercialize (bajet famous btol! hohoho..) my nickname.. im da kind of person who doesnt rlly care wut ppl say bout me.. but in dis case.. i myself feel dat i need to find another name to use.. ive tried a few names.. once i even use da name of mS cLairVoyant.. but somehow.. i dont feel it suits me.. like the name HorNee aNgeL.. so i stop searchin fo one..

but today.. ive decided a new nickname fo me.. m still keeping da name HorNee aNgeL.. but this name will be use publicly.. n da new name is kinda close related to HorNee aNgeL... soooo...

da new name will be.........

drum rolls please!!..

Wicked aNgeL!!!

lovin it!!! heee.. it represent me well i think.. a girl who with a very SERIOUS n innocent (perasan gle! agagagaga..) look.. but a very.. n i mean VERY... notty n cheeky character!... heeee.. ske3!!

so from now on.. ill be changin almost all of my url n nickname to Wicked aNgeL.. n i hope.. dat no one.. n i really mean NO ONE will be making facing everytyme they read my nickname.. weeeee....

ps-told ya its not far too diff from HorNee aNgeL.. =p



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♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
7:10 PM


    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^