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September 14, 2008

♥ salam~

salam to evry1...
it has quite sumtyme dat i wanna create a blog ere but dun really hav da guts 2..
well i noe im not really da kind of person dat committed to one thing all da tyme.. i noe dat i cant really update ma blog evryday o even evry week.. but den.. 2day i was juz tryin ma luck 2 reg n tadaaa.. so ere i m writin ma very 1st blog.. actually it is not ma 1st blog in history.. coz b4 dis ive been writing blogs 2... but at ma frenster pg... (4rm der u can see how rarely i update ma blog).. urm~ guess da 1st blog should be da intro bout maself rite?.. so ere it gos:

mua name is Aziera Nadia Azmi.. aka AZIE.. i was born on da 1st of nov in 1989 in sp,kedah,msia,asia... guess dis year m 9teen gonnab.. m da pwincess in ma houz.. got 3 lil bros - anwar, akmal n arief najibs (dey alwyz drive me crazee.. but heyy.. dat is wut bros ar for [ P).... im proud 2 say dat im ank pak mie n mak tie(ma bah n ma ma).. hehe.. luv ma family all ma hearts.. dey r ma soul.. (missin dem badly.. i wanna go home.. waaa...)... den ders ma hunies.. daneey, amy, fatt, ah san, jetty, far-ass, narresh, lawly boy n ah chong... it has been awhile since we meet... dey r one of da best crew ive eva meet.. dey r crazee n always be plain crazee.. stupidity is unavailable in our dict.. no matter how annoying we can be.. but.. dey can always b at ur side no matter wut happen... den ders ma cayunks.. ein, nisa, fza, dodot n bu(eylia).. ein is da gurl dat has proven me rong bout ma perception bout malay gurls(i kinda got prob wit malay peepz wen i was in high skool)... she is da best fwen any1 can eva get.. shes alwys da shoulder dat i cried on n always da ear 2 ma probs.. shes damn cool and crazee 2.. we used 2 b rummies in pj.. but now.. we r not.. althou our block is side by side n we r studyin in da same kulliyah.. we rarely hav da tyme 2 meet each other.. but tanx god we neva 4get each other... den ders nisa n fza.. nisa is still in pj cont-ing her stdy in bioscience.. 1 of da crazee sarawakian dat i noe.. sensetive yet neva shy.. alwys noe wut she wan.. she always help me 2 do ma project in pj.. n i really miss her damn much... fza is now takin architercture.. she has a soft heart n very cool 2 hang out wit.. she crazee 2.. dodot is a fwen of mine who used 2b an aedians but she changed prog 2 hs.. shes loud n clear n always go fo wut she wan.. she alwys noe wen shes rite.. we meet yeaterday 2 bke pose sama2 at hartz(it was crazeee!!...).. bu or eylia is ma cayunks dat i miss da most... we havnt hang out 2gether since short sem(fyi:we r not fighting o anythin)... but we juz din really hav da chance 2.. i luv da way she tinks n da way she give advice.. shes vry kind.. if im lost n im searchin fo answers.. shell b da one dat ill be lookin fo.. but.. things r changin now~ nex topic.. hurm.. i luv 2 play bowling(but not really good in it)... last tyme, i play bwlg almost evryday.. but since i entered iium.. i rarely hav da tyme 2 play bwlg... missin ma bwlg buds... hyfa, eza, feera, deena, nadia, ya, shasha, anan n da family, juan n da family, u.helmy n his family n not 2 4get arman... it has been quite a long tyme since i meet dem... urmm.. i love da color black, pink and white so much... s a norm gurl shopping is part of maself... i luv 2 surf da net n watch tv o muvee... but din really hav da chance 2 do it often since in cenfos... i always like turtle (used 2 hav 3-mr turtle, michael n angelo).. i adore justin n louis khoo dead much... i like bein diff den others.. i love tryin new things.. always want 2 go fo bungee jumping... i hate typical thinkin ppl... i always act lyke a fool... but dun really care wut peepz might tink boout me.. im alwyz curious... u.helmy alwyz said dat i tink 2 much(do i?).. i prefer reality den dream but cant help maself dreaming evryday... most of da tyme im crazee n happy.. but im actually juz a norm gurl wit a fragile heart... i hate crying.. coz i alwyz tink dat wen u cry u r actually showin ur weakness n some peepz might take advantage on u... peepz alwyz tink dat im snobbish in dier 1st impression.. but u hav 2 noe me 1st 2 noe da real me... althou i look s if i hav da guts 2 start da 1st move... but i dun even hav da guts.. so dats y i can only b friendly wit the peez dat i noe.. coz i dun even noe how 2 start a conversation wit peepz dat i neva talk 2(eventhou i noe dem)... well.. its gonnab a longggg post if i cont describing maself(wic it has already is long)... so i guess if u wanna noe me better.. u hav 2 find it up urself.... so guess m gonna n ma post fo 2day...



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♥ When you think of happiness, I hope you think of me.
3:28 PM


    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^