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September 17, 2008

♥ group project~

grouping project...
izit better o worst den an individual project.. k.. lets jot down some pros n cons...
group project...
u will alwys b surrounded by ur fwens.. u will hav ppl 2 back u up wen u r havin probs wit ur part.. u will hav mre den 1 brain n lots of ideas.. u will hav da chance 2 noe bout ur fwens more... but.... u will always b surrounded by ur fwens either u like dem o not... sumtymes u hav 2 fnish up others job but no 1 hav da heart 2 help u if u r stuck in da end.. u will hav more den 1 brain dat has its own prangai yg mcm2... u had da chance 2 noe ur fwens n findin out who dey r actually n end up in a fight due 2 misunderstanding...n in da end if u r da pm u will b blame fo most of da things althou most of da things u did it urself with juz a little help from others who alwys put evrythin on ur shoulder...n u will b da 1 yg kne bantai truk2 during presentation wit ur lect...
individual project...
its ur style.. u dun hav 2 tink of others opinion(xcept fo ur lect) n u can change anythin u lyke anytyme u wan.. u dun hav da risk of being called bossy or lazy-arse...u can do ur project anywer u lyke.. ur actions won b effectin othrs... but... u will hav quite a hard tyme during da brainstorming.. sumtymes der r 2 many opinions n ideas n u cant decide (u r desprate 2 hav a 2nd opinion)...if u r an orygnal lazy-arse, ders a big chance dat u will do ur work last min n end up producing sumthin dat is not ur level...u keep choosin da rong place 2 do ur work(on bed)...ur fnal product will b representin who u r n if its not dat good, ppl will stamp a big signage at ur forehead
so wic 1 do u tink is da best choice.. fo me.. i dunno.. der r tymes wen i prefer 2 do it individually.. but der r tyme wen i really enjoy doin grup work.. howeva.. grup work can only b fun doin only wen u r in a grup of peepz dat really put dier hearts n mind in the project n giv dier 360deg of commitment in it.. wen u hav dat kind of partner.. u will also be influence by dem n will try 2 put all ur energy in ur project.. howeva.. if ur grupm8s r da type yg sndri nye hal sndri maw bwat... u will feel s if u r da only person doin evrythin n althou at 1st u put all ur hearts in it.. but wit dat type of situation.. da feelin will fade away less den a sec...da worst is(da nightmare of evry pm) if ur product was bad.. u will b da one dat will b smacked down by ur lect.. but its not goin 2 n der.. ur grupm8 lak will b blamin u fo evrythin.. n dey will tell bad stories bout u to ur fwens.. n in da n.. wen u r in surrounded by dem.. dey will abandon u...at 1st u tot it was juz ur feelin... but den.. if evry1 is ignorin u fo 2 weeks d... is dat juz a feelin??... i dunno... but den.. sumtymes.. in a grup project larh u can noe ur fwens better.. mn yg bajet.. mn yg humble.. mn yg mke blagak tp sbenarnya da best person 2 hang out wit.. n u might even get a new bf(bestfwen keyh! tp another bf pown pe slhnya kan??.. [ P)...ntah larh... evrythin has its own pros n cons... sumtymes dat thing is a great thing.. but the surrounding n da situation dat makes it turn out 2 b a disaster.. thus.. grup ke individual kerh.... u hav 2 perform all da best.. bcoz if u r down.. n u cant rely on ur grupm8s.. u can alwyz try 2 talk 2 ur fwens yg bkn ur grupm8.... jgn plak...
'jatuh tangga, thantuk plak'
dah la dpt grupm8 x best.. den project lak hancur... u juz hav 2 keep uself 2gether n try 2 fnish up da project da best u can.. tahan jap jer lg ngan diwunk tue.. x lama pown gruping nyer... its not a marriage knot... further more.. if da project turn out 2 b great... u will b gettin da credits... but da real thing y i post dis blog is... fo da ppl dat r da lazy-arse in a grup project.. sedar dri 2 sblm blaming others keyh.. stop blamin ur fwens n act duno o u r not in dat grup if da grup kne bantai.. coz u duno how hurt ur pm o da person u r blamin gonna feel... bersyukurlah dia dah byk bwat keja n ur part pown dia bwat kan.. wut do u tink she is??.. robot?.. shes juz a norm human who get tired n unperfect.. so stop pointing fingers at others in ur grup n start judging urself.. rewind urself of wut u hav done n wut u cud hav dove if u really put ur heart in ur team8s... like sum1 who hav told me b4...
'1 jari kta tuding kat owg, 3 lg tuding blk kat kta...'
tak caya try larr.....

ps:dis is not juz a story bout mine.. but i post dis blog pown bcoz a fwen of mine juz bengkakkan her eyes bcoz of dis thing....
tringat lak tyme bwat project kiosk dlu.. it was one of da best moment eva... tyme nie smua owunk jd lg rapat...missin dis moments alot...
mr aiman aka towkey tanggam yg sdg khusyuk potong board.. tyme nie la aiman revealed his true self yg... GLE gak... hehehe

kembar b3 yg paling lpak tyme bwat keja.. tp.. in d n... hehehehehe....

towkey tanggam n towkey besar ngah pening bwat measurement...

da best team8s i eva had... heart dem so much... missin our gud tymes 2gether...biar apa owg ckp.. we prove dem rong.. rite guys?..



  • hueh..
    u should write a motivational or inspirational novel or something :P

    wah2~~siap ckp psl mate bengkak lagi..ish3

    i notice theres some encouraging words u nk bg nih..
    u helped me pick myself up n kembali bersemngt
    *cm bnge layu y dah berkmbg semule*

    dis is not my 1st time kene camni..
    as i think it all back..
    i realize that the situation really sucks n i kept blaming myself for it..but all i can do now is do my best n be tough

    ~~life is tough..especially in archi world..hahahh~~ ~_~

    they hell with them if they wanna say bad things about me..
    what i know is...
    im a bad leader n im proud of it! n u guys pun bad groupmates to be with..
    but im gonna be with u guys again n we'r all gonna do the hell better than b4..
    i promise.

    n to my dear azie,
    do be tough n patience..
    if u trust urself that is not jz a feeling bout they all ditching u and avoiding u..
    n they still do after u asked them whats wrong or tried bonding wif them..
    n u checked urself n find nothing bad or changed about u..

    go with it~~

    find ur real frens to be surround with n help u~~

    be the best azie that i always knew..dat is doing the best of what u are doing~~

    never ever neglect ur self n ur work~~

    because in the end,
    u will....

    be happy wif ur REAL frens
    ur matters worked out fine cz u did ur best n never did neglect them
    get pahala for the patience in going trough it all

    n mayB SOMEDAY they'll be in ur shoes (mayB not in studio) n they will go trough the same thing u r now..

    k..tata ^_^

    By Anonymous TeDuck, at September 17, 2008 at 10:09 AM  

  • im not dat gud la hun 2 b a writer... hehe.. gud fo u den... dun take all da blames keyh... take wut u noe u hav done ly keyh... mayb it was juz ma feelin ja kowt.. n mayb da way i describe it ere sound worst den it actually is.. i duno.. ders a lot of mayb der.. hehe...

    By Blogger azie, at September 18, 2008 at 12:51 AM  

  • syg...
    awk teror la tulis2 blog nie..
    tmpng bangga jgk awk pndi wat..

    By Anonymous ein, at September 18, 2008 at 1:35 AM  

  • ehh.. manade.. biasa2 je la syg... juz writtin on wut i noe n i tink...

    By Blogger azie, at September 18, 2008 at 1:38 AM  

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