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September 16, 2008

♥ judging~

dat is ma fnal project fo dis sem.. its a grouping project n im in a grup with k.janah, k.zahida, adib n esah.. fo now.. we r still in da process of gettin along wit each other.. howeva.. dey seems quite ok larh.. yesterday was da 1st day fo us 2 show our design.. min of 15 sketches with rendering n detailing.. crazee rite??.. but den.. dats lyfe... during consultation, bro laugh at most of our design(gle kejam).. but den.. i cant blame him.. we were 2 bz wit other assgnmts plus the tiredness of the 2nd project pown still sticking at us.. thus we dun really got any idea 2 design... not all larh(adib's design was good thou!).. bro said we need 2 study more bout this project... so now.. we hav 2 do the case study again.. n we need more resources... we really do.. some peepz might tink dat

"alaa, stakat subjek bwat sculpture ja pown... bentuk2 cket den klentong tyme present sudah.."
but if u r in our shoes.. u'll noe dat its not dat ez.. s a designer.. mostly u need 2 hav ur concept evrytyme u r makin a project.. coz dat is gonnab wut u will hold on 2 n wut u r tryin 2 show 2 da viewers... u hav 2 tink not only wat it looks lyke but also wut its gonna feel like n da most important thing is wut it represent..evry detail is equally important...but den.. lyke ma mum always said

"msuk coz apa pown.. masing2 ada dia pnya ssah"
thus.. i cant blame these peez if dey dun understand
wut we r doin coz one day i might not be understanding wut dey r doin wit dier stuff...so fo peepz out der.. dun judge othrs nyer works r ez juz bcoz dey r doin sumthin dat u might tink is a simple thing... coz u only hav little knowledge bout wut dey r doin...n besides.. if dey rnt doin wut dey r doin.. ur life willl b missin sumthin that dey produce.. without sculpter.. we won hav amazing landmarks dat we can b proud of dat really represent our uniqueness..
dats all fo now~

ps:plz do avoid chckin up ma grammar coz im da malaysian-lah speaking kinda gurl~



  • yup.
    it's true.
    people will never undersatnd if they are not in our shoes.
    one more,concept is really important.
    and,nak dapatkan idea kite from one concept will not be tt easy rite?
    gud luck in ur last project!!

    By Blogger kam, at September 17, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

  • tanx kam...
    wish all da best fo u 2 fo ur hybrid hut...
    = )

    By Blogger azie, at September 18, 2008 at 12:44 AM  

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    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^