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September 22, 2008

♥ iftar~


well.. while it is still fresh in ma mind.. i wanna rite dis blog ASAP... 2day.. 22nd september 2008.. is da 1st iftar dat i wen fo in gombak.. it was organized by the 2nd year aad student.. all lects n students r invited.. well.. of coz its not free.. we had 2 pay rm5 fo da iftar.. since 6 pm.. student r starting 2 show up.. da event is suppose 2 start at 6.30.. but of coz (ikowt jam mlayu lah katakan..) it started a bit late.. few mins b4 azan only da event start.. at 1st.. dey gav us honeydew jelly n kurma for bke puasa.. den.. we pray fo maghrib.. da guys bjemaah at da kaed gallery while da gurls smua pray in da musolla(actually all of us hav 2 pray at da gallery.. but den all da gurls insist 2 go 2 da musolla.. i mean.. fo us gurls.. da surrounding in da musolla is much more comfy fo us 2 perform our pray..).. den.. after dat.. we had our dinner.. we had nasi dulang!!... wee.. it was ma 1st tyme mkn nasi dulang.. b4 dis ive heard ppl sayin bout it but neva got da chance 2 actually xperience it.. n yes.. it was fun.. ok.. fo dos who dunno wut nasi dulang is.. it is juz a normal nasi, wit lauk dat dey put in a dulang(tray) in a big amount.. n 1 dulang is shared by 3-4 people(ikowt saiz dulang la kan..).. da johorians also called it nasi ambang(is dis spelled correctly?.. m not sure..).. k.. sum might tink..

"ewww.. u share nasi ngan owg ramai??.. x geli ker??.. share air liur rmai2??.."

k.. fyi.. we r eatin nasi n not eatin ppl nyer spit.. n it is damn fun.. coz.. u mcm sronok jarh mkn rmai2.. smbl sembang2.. indirectly.. eating nasi dulang is da chance fo u to bond with ur fwens.. n besides.. tyme nie gak la we can see whos sharing n caring n whos greedy n messy.. it was fun fo me.. i shared a dulang wit mye, shikin n jannah.. i tink we were sooo hungry dat we were among da 1st grup 2 clean up our dulang.. n we r soooo glad dat da food is superb.. da menu was nasi putih + ayam masak merah + sayur kobis(i tink larr.. m not much in2 sayur..).. it was really yummy.. me n mye were keep wanting for more(da ayam only.. da nasi dun wan alrdy..) den.. after ppl finish eatin.. our HOD gave a short speech.. n the event was at its end.. it was fun n memorable.. n i guess.. da rm5 is a reasonable price thou.. n a big tanx n congratz fo abg Iku!!(hes da pm fo dis event..).. n not 2 4get evry1 who was in preparing fo dis iftar 2... wish i'll hav da chance 2 eat nasi dulang again in da future..

dats all fo now~

ps:iftar is an arabic word wic stands fo breaking fast (bhs mlayu nyer bbke puasa..)



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8:54 PM


    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^