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September 21, 2008

♥ fwens~

pening seyh kpale daku nieh.. dah seminggu fikirkan design tp yg kluar nyer habuk jer kowt.. aiseyhh.. fening2.. so since dah pening pale ngadap sketch2 daku yg x sberape 2.. ive decided 2 write dis blog.. xde pape sgt pown.. juz wanna share ma xperience wit u guys.. cam biasa arr.. well.. last 2 days.. it was da 1st tyme me n ma rum8s... k.d, k.g, mar n me.. wen out fo bke pose.. its da 1st tyme kitowunk bke sama2 kat luar... weee.. last min nyer plan.. bout 6.30pm bawu kitowunk kluar.. at 1st we planned 2 bke kat kubur(dat place is called kubur cozed da restaurants der is surrounding cemetery kat c2.. its not dat we r gonna eat xzactly in da cemetary taw..).. but den.. we were afraid dat if we reach der at dat tyme the place is full d.. so.. we decided 2 go 2 jj kat wangsa maju.. althou it was weekday... but most of the restaurant at jj if full wit peepz yg nak bke pose.. since der r no place fo us (even in the food court).. so we decided 2 buy some bread je dlu.. den we solat maghrib dlu.. after dat.. we went 2 nandos.. dat tyme dah ada empty table dah larr... actually at dat tyme.. i tringt kan ein, nisa n doodot.. coz last fasting month.. we bbke kat nandos gak in midv.. n it was dead crazee n unforgetable... we choose our meal.. den we dig in nicely (masing2 ngah lapar gle dat tyme..).. since we r vain(bley lak ngaku.. haha).. we cant help ourselves 2 take pics of us... ye la.. it was our 1st tyme outing sama2... den we keep on taking pic smpai abg kat nandos 2 glakkan kitowunk.. n den.. da funny thing is.. da same incident dat happen wen i wen bke pose wit nisa, ein n dodot happen again dis tyme.. me, mar n k.g share our drinks(duhh.. a glass of ice lemon tea is about rm6.50 but den we can refill lar..) we refilled da glass more den 5 times i tink(smpai naek segan ngan bro kat nandos 2.. tp tbal kan gak mke...)den.. kitowunk asyik gelak jer.. sronok semcm.. klaka gler.. s if we were high from drinkin 2 much ice lemon tea.. hehehe.. but den.. im gonna miss dat moment... tanx guys fo makin it happen gak at last tuk kta 1 blik klua outing sama2.. n big tanx 2 mar coz dia lah kpala kluar dat day... prayin hard dat we can stay s good rum8s n fwens foreva.. dats all fo now~
pics will b available soon..


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2:57 AM


    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^