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September 26, 2008

♥ balik raya!!~

few more hours b4 im goin 2 b back at home.. huahuahua... im damn xcited n i really cant wait 2 b at home n hugs ma lil bros(+bully dem.. hehe..)... wanna bka puasa wit mama n abah.. wanna eat bibik's cooking.. wanna hav tok nah nyer nasi ulam, ikan tenggiri bakar n not 2 miss da sambal blacan.. oh2.. not 2 forget da ikan kering 2.. wanna eat tok tah nyer daging bakar n jelly kering.. waa... winddooo bangat sama diowunk.. well.. da last tyme i wen back was during ma mid sem.. bout a month ago (kinda).. n i really5x cant wait 2 b back at home... im so xcited 2 go home that all the xcited-ness of doing ma project pown dah ilang.. seriously.. i dun even feel like tryin 2 do ma works.. all i can tink of is packing ma bag.. sleep in the bus.. n wen i reach sp.. da 1st thing dat gonna make me smile is seeing ma parents... so many things has happen 2 me during this ramadhan.. some r great yet some r not(well, dats life..).. wit ma grouping project yg sgt2 mletihkan(duhh.. i hav 2 b in studio more den in ma rum.. it is s if ma rum is juz n rnr wer i only stop for awhile 2 sleep n hygene maself..) thus.. i really wanna b at home wit ma family.. dey r da only one dat can make me stop thinking bout ma probs(coz usually i'll b da prob at home..hehe..).. since ramadhan is about to end.. m hoping that i will b able 2 make use of da last nights of ramadhan da best i can.. ive wasted a few nights.. thus i wanna try 2 redeem dos nights back.. sigh.. pape pown.. da one dat i really really dun wanna miss dis ramadhan is bbke wit ma family.. n gathering at tok's houz with ma other cozens.. we'll b dead bising(mercun evrynite people!!.. yeah!..).. but den.. i still got projects 2 do back at home.. hwaaa.. gc+sculpture pres board.. xpe2.. insyalah bley bwat nyer + havin fun.. n i cant wait 2 hang out wit ma hunies... weee... hopin dat i'll hav da chance 2 go to dier houz.. huahuahua... it will b chaos ppl!.. woahh.. so many plans in such a short tyme.. xpe2.. if x sempat, nak bwat camne.. redha je larh.. sigh.. but den.. da most important thing is i wanna go home!!!!!
"ma, bah,angah,achik,acu,bibik.. ill b back at home soon!!.. wee~"
ps:to ma huney jetty boy.. Happy Birthday dude!.. wishin u lucks n happyness in ur new year..


  • syg..hepynye die nk blk raya..
    windoo eh nk blk sp.
    huhu.xpe, ein doakan all ur plan bjalan ngn bek..
    btw, wht is jelly kering. x pnh dgr pn b4 dis even mse kat cenfos u nvr mention dat ..
    n who is ur huny jetty boy??

    By Anonymous ein, at September 28, 2008 at 9:57 PM  

  • msti arr hepy... windoo sgt sama family daku.. tanx syg.. hope u'll hav fun during raya keyh.. nnt klaw ada byk lbey jelly kering, ill bring it back 2 gombak.. n jetty boy is jet2 yg study kat russia 2 syg.. ma old besties... sj je erk nak bahankan owg.. hehe...

    By Blogger azie, at September 29, 2008 at 1:13 AM  

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1:53 PM


    klaw dgn stranger.. sy pemalu orgnya.. klaw dgn member.. sy mmg tak tahu malu lgsung.. ^^